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Choosing the Best Music Production Laptop

It does not matter whether you are recording hip-hop or bass guitar or classical quartet _ you can easily produce any type of music on the laptop computer. Although any laptop can be used for music production at some level, if you have serious ambitions, then you need to choose the perfect laptop. First, you need to understand how you are going to use the laptop to produce your music. In this way, you can understand features the laptop should have.


laptop and headphonesYou should note that musicians use laptops in a wide range of ways. Most employ a traditional approach, which entails recording tracks from instruments and microphones then mixing to create final products. For instance, pop and hip-hop musicians use the laptop to produce actual sounds. They can also record vocals and other sounds using microphones and mix them with the computer-generated audio.

Screen Size

You need to consider the screen size as it determines the size of visual workspace you will create. If your productions are more complex, then your workspace also ought to be complex. Ideally, any laptop screen can allow you to monitor 5 to 10 tracks of songs comfortably. However, it will be difficult to monitor a lot of tracks on a small screen.


Mobility or portability is an important consideration if you are using your laptop for performing or live recording. You need a laptop that is easier to carry and takes minimal space on stage. Another vital consideration is the battery life. This is quite important for clubs and homes where there is no outlet nearby. Also, if you are using your laptop for performance or recording in clubs, ensure it has a backlit keyboard.

Operating System

MacBooks are known to be reliable and fast. However, you can find some powerful Window laptops available at affordable prices. Your choices should depend on your budget and the software you prefer to use. You should note that music studios like to use Macs.


music laptopMusic production puts a lot of heavy load on the processor or CPU. It is vital to get the best processor that is within your budget. If your productions are complicated, your CPU will matter a lot. For instance, mixing a tune with over 30 tracks, digital audio effects, and multiple sampled instruments, you should get a powerful computer. To understand how powerful the processor is, you should note the number of cores it has.